Eton College no CST

Professor de Educação Física no Eton College há 32 anos, Glen Pierce, juntamente com a sua mulher Kate, tinham muito para contar aos alunos e professores do CST sobre a forma de ensinar, aprender e estar em Eton. O colégio onde andaram os príncipes William e Harry tem uma forte tradição de excelência académica, conjugada com um grande enfoque no desporto. Dali saíram muitos políticos e actores afamados.

I would be more than happy to come to your school and chat about my 32 years teaching at Eton College, where I have taught Physical Education, and run the school football, tennis, hockey, squash and an internal game (a pre-cursor to football) called the Eton Field Game. My wife, Kate will also be with me, and she has taught at Eton for 20 years as Head of German, and Nicholas, our son, who is 13, who comes to Eton in September 2019.  He is currently a chorister at St. George’s, Windsor Castle, and we have just been watching him on television singing at the Royal Wedding taking place today, as well as singing at the wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan earlier in the summer.  Nicholas goes to school in the grounds of Windsor Castle, and they have a very sporting school, playing their matches in a magical setting.